Services provided

  • complete advertising services in the field of television and radio production and the purchasing of media in the Czech Republic and abroad.
    • producing and arranging the broadcast of TV advertising on all TV stations in the Czech Republic.
    • the production and guaranteed broadcasting of radio advertisements in regions and the whole Czech Republic.
  • the filming and production of video films, presentation slides, clips and digital technology.
  • transferring video films onto DVDs or CDs, production of multilingual versions of video clips.
  • the production of broadcasts for various television companies, dubbing and the editing of foreign advertisements and video films, transcription to DVDs and films.
  • all our outputs are at the high quality of national TV broadcasting.
  • production and Sales of the series of promotional videos, CDs and DVDs: “The Charms of the Czech Republic and the World“
  • production of web pages
  • hiring TV equipment, big screen showings with all-inclusive service

As a media agency we can offer very attractive discounts when buying air time on all national and regional TV, especially on Czech State Television (ČT) and TV Prima, but also on national and regional radio stations. These discounts are well above an agency’s usual margins. part of the services offered for advertising campaigns is to prepare a media plan for broadcasting to target groups.

We issue and distribute a series of promotional video films on the DVD “The Charms of the Czech Republic and the World“ which are a suitable advertising and gift item. It is possible to insert a clip about your company onto these video films, or use them for some other advertising purposes.