The series “The Charms of the Czech Republic and the World”

We present the series of DVD and videos published and distributed by this company.. These videos are ideal as a present and for promotional activities. They can be used for showing at various events, for showing and promoting both countries and specific destinations and as a video guide.

We can print your logo on the packaging, the DVD or in the introduction of the video as agreed in your order. We are also able to edit and cut a video n accordance with the customer’s aims or prepare a new video in line with your requirements (all copyrights remain with TVF).

The whole series has been published in Czech, English, German and Russian as a minimum. The title can be published in other languages if agreed.

The price of the DVD is the same for all titles: 290 CZK / 12 EUR.

Published titles on DVD:

Titles minutes language annotation
Czech Republic á 70´ CZ+GB or D+Rus > read <
UNESCO sites in CR á 71´ CZ+GB or D+Rus > read <
Prague á 45´ CZ+D+GB > read <
Brno á 20´ CZ+D+GB+Rus > read <
Vila Tugendhat á 14´ CZ+D+GB+Rus > read <
Moravia á 42´ CZ+D+GB+Rus > read <
The Lednice-Valtice Estates á 30´ CZ+D+GB+Rus > read <
The Moravian Karst á 35´ CZ+D+GB+Rus+Pol
> read <
Slavkov-Austerlit 1805 á 41´ CZ+D+GB+F > read <
From Brno to Vienna Following the Footsteps of Napoleon á 27´ CZ+D+GB+F+Rus > read <
Slovakia á 50´ CZ+SK+D+GB > read <